What financial crisis? Greek government electing a new people anyway

7-7-2015 News you’ve not heard from Greece: today (July 7) three parties in the Greek Parliament asked for a delay in new citizenship legislation that will not only legalize about 150,000 immigrants from Asia and Africa—into a Greek population of just 11 million - but will also set the basis for a massive influx of more, because of family reunification rulings.  more

How the Eurocrats lost Greece

5-2-2015 After a five-year crisis where the nation of Greece has lost a fifth of its GDP, a little bit over a third of the voters made SYRIZA, a left-wing party, the winner of last Sunday’s election. It was the sorry conclusion of a process better called the European style of austerity.  more

Greece (and the EU) chooses Red Dusk rather than Golden Dawn

30-1-2015 The results of the Greek elections were not really a surprise to any Greek except those hopelessly in love with the previous government. Everyone knew that after five years of austerity, which has been harder on Greece than most wars, a lot of people gave up hope on any chance of a smooth transition to an era of stability, and felt the need to replace their government.  more
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The SYRIZA phenomenon; Or, how the Greek Center-Right shot itself in the foot

29-1-2015 The electoral triumph of SYRIZA in Greece made worldwide headlines: the hard-Left party managed to get an impressive 36.3%, leaving behind the center-right New Democracy governing party, which got 27.8%. Golden Dawn, a new anti-immigration party widely denounced as neo-Nazi, came third with 6.28%.   more


Golden Dawn survives crackdown because it’s rooted in middle class

11-1-2014 Greece took over the presidency of the European Union on New Year’s Day. For the next 6 months, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will be the EU head, at least nominally. But back on his home ground, things are tougher: European elections will be held May 22.  more


Golden Dawn and the failure of soft totalitarianism

8-10-2013 During his visit to the USA, the prime minister of Greece Antonis Samaras, addressing the American-Jewish Committee, declared the resolve of his government to crack down on Golden Dawn. In his speech, while he was explaining what was happening in Greece, he made a “mistake” saying that nationalists (or “Nazis” in his words) would be “persecuted”, quickly changing it to “prosecuted”.  more


The death of Killah-P and the murder of Golden Dawn

24-9-2013 The above lyrics are by the posthumously famous Greek rapper Killah-P, known in the non-rap world as Pavlos Fyssas. The musician, who was a supporter of violent antifa groups, was stabbed to death a few days ago in an incident that is still under police investigation.  more


Herding cats against the Dawn

29-6-2013 “The anti-fascist and anti-Nazi front has as much rage today as it had during WWII”. The above words were written recently in the Twitter account held by Evangelos Venizelos, the president of PASOK and - along with Antonis Samaras of New Democracy – co-pilot of the Greek government.  more

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Europa Nostra!
Generation Identitaire interview to “Alternative Right” website

9-12-2012 Generation Identitaire, recently gained worldwide attention, with their “Declaration of War” video, and their occupation of a mosque at the historically important location of Poitiers. They are an organization filled with youthful energy in a state that has accepted multiculturalism and embraced its doctrines.  more


The Gladiators: Polarization and popularity go hand-in-hand in Greece

14-10-2012 Two days have passed since Angela Merkel’s visit to Greece, a visit that was viewed by the Greek people as an “imperial visit”. It was treated as such, with a large crowd of about 50,000 people demonstrating in front of the parliament.   more

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